Alberto, I2PHD
Here you can find my software, developed for radio amateur's use, all freeware.



a Software Defined Radio tailored for weaksignal SSB and CW work

an experimental Software Defined Radio, with AM, ECSS, SSB and FM demodulators, with a highly graphical interface


Jason a keyboard-to-keyboard communication program, tailored for very low S/N ratios, based on the IFK technique, using only 4 Hz of band.
The IFK technique was first described by Steve Olney, VK2ZTO

ARGO a QRSS/DFCW viewer, especially tailored for LF, but usable also for EME
For a primer on QRSS, look the link above, on the very informative pages of Rik, ON7YD or 'QRSS and You' from Clint, KA7OEI
SPECTRAN a spectral analysis program, with audio filtering, originally born for EME usage, 
but useful for many other purposes. An example of use for NDBs reception
can be found on this page by KA7OEI
Spectran was used during the last successful attempt to establish the world DX record on the amateur 241 GHz band. Look here for details
  Two Tone Tester (T3) , a combination of spectrum analyzer and audio generator (with optional quadrature outputs), useful for many purposes
HAMVIEW a DOS program, which *requires* an old ISA original SoundBlaster card,
similar to SPECTRAN in functionality, though not quite as powerful 
DSPBOX a DOS program that interfaces with a DSKC50 DSP board, implementing
an audio filtering unit, with denoising, variable bandpass, auto notch , AGC
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